Dr. Michael Hall
- Pediatric & Functional Neurology

15.04.2023 - 16.04.2023
Theaterwall 4, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany
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Dr. Michael W. Hall is a small town boy who had a knack for excelling in the sciences and a desire to help people have the best health possible. He was naturally drawn to Chiropractic as a healthcare discipline. The combination of biological sciences and restoration of health and well-being were a natural fit. Dr. Hall has spent over three decades focused on providing chiropractic clinical services and teaching functional neurology around the world.

The healthcare industry is struggling to meet the needs and demands of people around the globe. Here in the U.s. especially, there is a growing number of people whose health is being adversely affected by stress, sleep deprivation, malnourishment, and excessive screen time as well as a variety of other non-emergent stressors. Dr. Hall advocates that one difficulty with traditional healthcare is that is does not recognize the needs of the people as individuals but rather as groups. Thusly, most evaluations are standardized to a group and not well applied to the individual. Intake forms and such are generic as to male and female and do not recognize how we are each affected differently. It is my philosophy, richly steeped in the scientific and clinical literature, that there is distinct and unique  differences in brain composition and health between males and females. Body mass, vascular tone, volume of gray matter, and neural connectedness to name a few are vastly different between the sexes. From this has risen the need for “functional neurology” – a sub-specialty of health which seeks to evaluate the functioning levels of the nervous system. For example, it is one thing to walk across a room, it is another to walk with an impairment.  Impairment of function alters metabolism, tissue responsiveness, body adaptability, and plasticity of the nervous system. Improved function yields improved efficiency of health and habit.

Dr. Hall has taught thousands of chiropractors, chiropractic students, and students of the health sciences from all over the intricacies of neurological health. His lectures, presentations, and talks continue to emphasize the unique differences in our brain function and how that influences the way we think, behave, and act as well as why we continue to suffer chronic illnesses and degenerative disorders considered to be mostly preventable. He demonstrates the effects of the chiropractic adjustment on the responsiveness of the nervous system thru contemporary research and case studies. He has worked tirelessly to bring novel and innovative approaches as well as better understanding to healthcare providers using either low tech procedures or emerging technologies.

From his clinical practice and teachings, his colleagues, students, and patients alike have prodded him to publish, write, and provide a greater availability of his information to others. Thus, in 2017, BrainDC was founded. It continues to provide education lectures to doctors everywhere ultimately aimed at improving the health of people worldwide.

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Dr. Michael Hall - Pediatric & Functional Neurology
15.04.2023 - 16.04.2023

Theaterwall 4
38100 Braunschweig

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